Wednesday, July 22, 2009

New Blog, Old Stuff

So, I now have a second blog that will hopefully be around for a while. It's called Four Colors and it is about comic books and it is hosted by the So I now have a legit blog on a legit site. Not to say that I don't care about this blog (even though I haven't posted in a while), but any Tom, Dick or Jane can have a blogspot account. Not true with the (although, it was far too easy to convince them that a comic book themed blog would be a good idea). Anyway, to the loyal six readers of this blog, I will not leave you behind. I will continue to post about Teddy, mostly because this is the only space for him until I drop Teddy into the laps of the PD. But that is a another plan for another time. So, I will be posting from the new blog onto here or you can start checking it out by following this link

Good times are on the horizon

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  1. I will be suing the Press Democrat, and they will be be convinced it was a bad idea!