Friday, December 9, 2011

The Complete A@L (as of 12-9)

And here are the most recent comics from Attorneys At Law. All comics are also being posted on (which you should be reading!)

TrevorCopter - THE FIRST 13

Here are the first 13 strips of TrevorCopter. The current official count is 18 (23 if you are my friend on Facebook), but the story has a natural break here, so it felt right to just go to 13 for this collection. Enjoy! TrevorCopter

New Stuff

I have three blogs that I use for my comics. This one, Attorneys At Law and TrevorCopter. A@L and TC have their own purpose, but this blog has really become redundant since all the stuff I have been doing really only applies to the work being done on the other two. So where does that leave this? I have decided to make this my all purpose blog, where I will be posting EVERYTHING. That means that anything that appears on the other two blogs will also appear on this one as well. It's the highlight reel, if you will. All comics will posted in their respective places and then also posted here. So, keep an eye out for all things TREVOR and enjoy!