Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Willing Slave by Trevor Reece

Photo by zemotion
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Like a wave
She seduces me
Curves calling to me
As they delicately cling to the fabric
Bated breath is in
A perfect sync
With the slithering of her cold body
My dark goddess
A ray of black in the sea of light
She has a hold of my soul
Can One be a willing slave?
Heart beat skips like a rock
Her fingers crackle as they move
A feather in the breeze
And I smell death
My beautiful ballerina
My precious prize
Who knows her as well as I?
Grasping at me tighter
Tasting the ruby from her lips
The forbidden is suculent tonight
But she pulls back
She alludes me as her dark eyes grow wide
Truth is in her grasp
As she dances, my slave
Dancing for her life
I will long for her
Thus I keep her
Like the chains on her ankle
Aging to dust am I
Fading beauty before my queen
Knowledge fades and I am safe
Her eyes roll back again
The dance continues on.

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