Monday, May 10, 2010

Duncey and the Dumb Snowman

Teddy the Bear is not my only creation. There are many others, Teddy is just the main focus. But there are two characters that are indeed quite dear to me: Duncey and the Dumb Snowman. Duncey was from the original Teddy strip and was only removed in the new incarnation that I've been doing the past two years. But he was one of the original characters and I wasn't ready to just toss him aside and so I partnered him with my other creation, The Dumb Snowman. Back in 3rd Grade (yeah, some of these characters are that old), I wrote four stories (as well as a few longer ones in 6th grade) about The Dumb Snowman, in which he would be destroyed in various ways. When I drew them together for the first time, it just clicked that they should have been together all along. It just seemed like a match, not only in the design, but in their mannerisms and demeanor and the ball just started to roll. As seen in the previous post (POST 50!), I included a picture of little baby Owen. Over Christmas, I wrote him a bunch of bedtime stories. One of those was the first adventure of Duncey and the Dumb Snowman. Since I have a few illustrations, I wanted to post the story here. I hope you all enjoy.

Duncey and the Dumb Snowman
The Giant Lemon Adventure

This is the story of Duncey and the Dumb Snowman.

They are best friends and go on adventures all the time.

One time, they want to a candy forest.
One time, they stopped a deranged giant hamster.
One time, they traveled back in time and met George Washington.

But other times, they just like to relax, listen to music, eat ice cream and play board games.

This was not one of those days.

On a lovely Tuesday afternoon, Duncey decided to open a lemonade stand to make a little extra money. After spending some time creating the perfect recipe, he and the Dumb Snowman set up a box in front of their house and sold lemonade. The lemonade stand was a huge success.

But after just one day, they had run out of lemons.

"What will we do?" rhe Dumb Snowman asked, worried that they would go out of business.

"We'll just have to pick some more lemons," Duncey replied, calming the Dumb Snowman.

So, they go into their van and drove to the forest to pick some lemons. After picking a few lemons, Duncey and the Dumb Snowman were greeted by a large insect, who had flown down from the tallest trees.

"BEHOLD! I am the Insect King!" he buzzed. "I have seen that you are picking lemons. I am here to tell you that there is a secret here in the lemon forest. A giant lemon the size of your snowman friend is over on the other side of the forest, sitting on top of a small hill. It is truly what you seek, the grandest lemon in all the land."

Duncey and the Dumb Snowman were happy at this news and immediately ran up the hill. Sure enough, there was a giant lemon at the top, just as big as the Dumb Snowman like the Insect King has said. Quickly, the two friends loaded the giant lemon into their van.

But as they were about to leave, a loud "ROAR!" filled the air and Peter, the dinosaur who lived in the lemon forest, began to run towards them. Clearly, Peter was not happy.

Duncey and the Dumb Snowman screamed in terror and drove off as fast as they could. But Peter was quite the runner and caught up to them in no time at all. In an attempt to stop the van, Peter bit off a large chunk of the back, taking a piece of the Dumb Snowman's head with him. (But please don't worry. The Dumb Snowman doesn't feel any pain and he'll just need a little bit of snow to fix himself)

In a panic, Duncey drove faster. But in his haste, he hit a large stump and the lemon cracked.

"Wait a second," Duncey said. "Lemons don't crack."

He was right because it was no lemon at all. It was a dinosaur egg. To be more exact, it was Peter's egg. And out of the crack, a baby dinosaur that looked just like Peter popped its head right out of the egg.

Duncey and the Dumb Snowman had been tricked by the Insect King. Immediately, they stopped the van and gave Peter his baby, who was named Bobby. Peter thanked Duncey and the Dumb Snowman and then forced the Insect King to apologize for tricking them.

"I'm sorry," the Insect King said. "I was bored and wanted some adventure."

"But you don't need to lie to have an adventure," Duncey said.

"Yeah," said the Dumb Snowman. "All you need is good friends and a sense of fun."

"And think that a dinosaur egg is a lemon," Duncey replied.

They all had a good laugh and accepted the Insect King's apology. They all went back to the house and had a nice glass of lemonade. It was delicious.

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