Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The March of the Triumphant Snail Storybook Edition

I just wanted to display the work that I did for my movie, The March of the Triumphant Snail, which is moving onto the International Finale in Las Vegas next month. Considering we didn't win in San Francisco, I'm not holding my breath. But it is nice to see that people are still able to see it and enjoy it. As a special post for it, I wanted to have the transcribed story as well as all the pictures. Hope you enjoy. The video can be found HERE

The March of the Triumphant Snail by Nahum Smith

Once upon a time, there was a snail.

This snail was very nice and had many friends, including Mr. Ladybug, who was always busy enjoying his Samsung Impression, which not only offered text messaging and e-mail, but also had almost 200 MB of memory for pictures and other applications.

But there was one thing that Mr. Snail was missing and that was a best friend.

Every day, he looked up and he wished and hoped for a best friend.

And one day, his wish was granted.

He spotted the most beautiful flower in the world, which had seeds that looked like pretty little freckles.

And they became best friends.

But… the Evil Slug, who hated friendship because he had no friends, plotted an evil scheme to ruin their friendship.

While the flower and the snail were walking through the woods, the Evil Slug snatched up the flower.

Now, the snail, he was scared and chased after the slug.

It was scary and fast-paced.

And they reached a deep crevasse and they had what we call a Mexican stand-off.

But all of a sudden, a big read bird called out and rushed in and grabbed the Evil Slug and the snail’s flower friend, taking them off into the sky.

The snail was sad. He wandered the woods, sure that he would never have a friend again.

But, one of the flower’s freckle seeds flew down from the sky and landed in the ground and re-birthed the flower.

One day, when the snail was trudging through woods, sad and alone, he found his reborn friend and they became BFF once again.

They all lived happily ever after, except for the Evil Slug because he was eaten.

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