Monday, May 7, 2012

365DoT - Day 36 (1 of 16)

Today sucked something awful, but I got something good out of it. A sixteen day endeavor.

I got in trouble at work today. Complete with a four page write-up. Why it needs to be that thorough, I have no idea. So anyway, I get the write-up, fold it up and stick it in my back pocket, like I usually do. But when I went on my first break, I started drawing. Its a picture of Kanye, as you will see. But the relief that drawing gave me and the desire to escape my job, I decided to start this project.

Sixteen Days of Creativity to Save My Soul

Four pages, folded into four squares and ripped into sixteen blank pieces of paper that would've gone in the garbage anyway. Instead of taking my punishment, I'm doing a little "Fuck You" to my job and tagging my performance review with my desires to be a cartoonist. Its the same message that 365 Days of Teddy has, sticking to the craft to make myself better. That is what will get me out of this crap job. Kanye will save me.

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