Friday, May 18, 2012

365DoT - Day 47 (11 of 16)

I am currently reading a great new series called Saga. It is written by one of my favorite writers, Brian K. Vaughn, and it is simply amazing. I enjoy a series that feels broken when it starts. I try and emulate/steal in my own work. And in the back of issue #2 is a reader survey that I did and will be sending to the Saga letter column. I drew this after finishing. The narration is from the end of Saga issue #1. Don't think the curtains stand out, still something I need to work on. But how can you not laugh at the enraged John Wilkes Booth, clearly not a fan of how vocal Mr. Lincoln during the theatre. I'm happy that ended up working. Its cool to finally be able to realize on paper what I have in my head. Not perfect just yet, but it is coming along, even without our old friend, Photoshop.

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