Thursday, May 17, 2012

365DoT - Day 46 (10 of 16)

Fun mash-up (at least for me :P).

First, we have Wallaby J. Cinnamon, a character who will one day have the distinction of being in both Attorneys @ Law and TrevorCopter, if I ever get around to doing the balloon duel that Trevor and Wallaby engage in (It will basically be my tribute to The Chickmunk Adventure). And giving him the sympathic look is Patches, who is currently driving his dessert truck with Cheesebert (also developing a sequel to The Cupcakery of DOOM! It will involve all out war against vegans and hipsters). Again, took some chances with the design, haven't really done much depth work, so I am happy with how this little doodle turned out.

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