Sunday, April 4, 2010

Teddy the Bear: Rebirth

So, I just got back from WonderCon in San Francisco and it was FANTASTIC. I have never been to a comic book convention, but now, I am completely addicted to it. It is something that I will remember for a long time, mostly because of how intensely it made me want to have a booth of my own one day.

Just the fact that I have this blog is a testament to how much I want to do "Teddy the Bear" for a living. I don't care that newspapers are falling apart. I want it and I want it badly. I think that my creation can do that for me. I've been struggling to find a distinct voice for Teddy since I was six and drew him and Tweety Bird at my friend Scott's house and now I feel like I have found that voice, but fear is keeping me from doing anything about it. I've been slowly making plans to submit to newspapers, but I have been dragging my feet, probably to protect myself or because I'm just lazy.

I don't want to do that. I have too many wonderful ideas to let Teddy be a doodle in my notebook or a tiny strip in the paper. Teddy was meant to be a big name. Truly, I believe that. I think that I've tapped into something with this character that I could do something with him. That's not to boost my own ego, just that there must be something said about how easy it was for me to start drawing again like I did when I was a kid. I don't pay attention in class because I want to draw and this is after literally not drawing through the entire duration of high school and junior college. Roughly six years without picking up a pencil to draw Teddy and he comes back like I didn't miss a beat.

This creation has plans and I need to honor that by not allowing my own failings and weaknesses to stop me. And so, I plan on being much more active with this blog and Teddy. I will be committed to making Teddy the best he can be because I owe that to him. Drawing Teddy (and just drawing in general) has been such a blessing for me that I should try and do something with it. There will be much more "Teddy the Bear" from now on. There will be updates on what I am doing with the strip. There will be other works that have been inspired by the strip. There will be videos (maybe. I just need to learn how to use flash animation). But the general gist of what I am saying is that I need to start following my passions and that has always started with Teddy the Bear. He's basically me and I feel like I haven't being doing myself justice for a while.
Be on the lookout. Teddy the Bear is about to start and, God willing, I get to be even the slightest bit successful, wouldn't it be cool for my (seven) blog readers to have been on the ground floor? (And........... I'm just stroking my ego at this point :P)

Stay tuned!

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