Friday, April 9, 2010

Teddy Submissions

So, I am in the process of submitting "Teddy the Bear" comics to newspapers. To do that, I am sending out 30 of my strips as examples of my humor in the hopes of enticing newspapers and periodicals into running my strip. I am looking for to it, but it is a little nerve wracking. I don't know how many people read this, but if you like what I do. Feel free to print these strips and send them to your newspaper, asking to see "Teddy the Bear" in YOUR newspaper every day/week. Just make sure to give them my name and contact. I wanted to share the strips that I am going to be sending in just to give my loyal readers a look at my opinion of my strip, versus their own. And, the strips just look so much more clean and professional that it feels like they should be on display.


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